Who we are

Robin co-founded Ri3K, a start-up focused on digitizing the London Market back in 2000 and has been involved in insurance innovation and modernisation ever since. Now working as an independent advisor, he continues to foster innovation, consulting to numerous progressive companies in the insurance space. He is also an advisor to Mundi Lab and the London Market TOM Innovation Council.

Paolo was formerly a McKinsey consultant and has been a vocal promoter of the smart use of technology innovation during his roles heading up change at Beazley, Chief Operating Officer at Charles Taylor Managing Agency and now Principal at Boston Consulting Group. He has been an ever present in the top 10 of the Power 100 List of InsurTech Influencers.

Matthew has joined InsTech as a partner off the back of 20 years at RMS, much of which was as global head of sales, marketing and product. His current role is founder of Abernite and senior advisor to the Cambridge University Risk Centre, among others. He also mentors and angel invests through his involvement with StartUpBootCamp and Angel’s Den. Matthew and Robin also feature prominently in the Power 100 List of Insurtech Influencers.

Our Story


Instech London was formed in April 2015 as an attempt to recreate the ecosystem that was serving the FinTech community so well. Seeing the levels of dynamic collaboration and the opportunities it fostered in financial services, we wanted to create something similar for insurance in London.



Our membership has continued to grow and our events have become larger and more ambitious. Today, our events are regularly attended by several hundred insurance innovation enthusiasts and our membership stands at over 2000.


We cast the net for like-minded individuals who were both passionate about innovation and keen to meet kindred spirits. We had 35 people at our first meeting in a hotel bar and doubled that number holding a similar social event a few months later. We’ve never looked back.

Our Mission

Innovation in insurance is nothing new. Fantastic novel solutions to help businesses and individuals have been created for centuries and new products are appearing every day. However innovation in insurance technology lags behind other industries both in terms of adoption and investment.

The primary purpose of InsTech London is to pull together a group of innovators, entrepreneurs, investors and professionals from across the market and enable them to meet like-minded folk and provide them with a hub to explore together ways to maximise the opportunities offered by technology.

In this way we hope to play a small part in promoting and supporting innovation in London, the technologies that will underpin it, and the people who want to make it happen.

What We Do

We provide a community for all insurance innovation enthusiasts to which entrepreneurs can bring their ideas, professionals can share their challenges, investors can find opportunities and everyone can share their insights.

  • We organise regular events to showcase the latest innovations, hear from the leading thinkers in the space and provide everyone with an opportunity to network.
  • We also write regularly ourselves about insurance innovation and provide an outlet for others who have insights to share with our community and the wider industry.
  • Through curating great events and quality content we have become a beacon for attracting and encouraging ideas and talent and hope to be able to continue to do so for many years to come.