InsTech London events and discussions showcase the best of insurance innovation, featuring interviews with leading companies and industry figures. Currently all digital, but we'll back with live evening events as soon as we can. New events released most weeks, hosted by one of the InsTech London partners, Matthew Grant or Robin Merttens.

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Reliable data is no longer just a ‘nice to have’ and insurers frequently ask where to look for the data they need to enhance their underwriting capabilities. All the information exists, but many underwriters around the world are still struggling to get access to it. Join us on 30 September, 2pm - 2:45pm, to hear our expert panellists' advice on where to find the essential data for accurate underwriting.

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The Steel Yard Edition: Property Risk - What's New and What Works?

The information available to insurers to help them understand the physical characteristics of properties, and what can influence potential damage, is essential for accurate underwriting. At our next face to face event, you will have the chance to hear about some of the new arrivals and survivors in the provision of data and analytics. Join us on 11 October, 5:30pm - 8:00pm, to meet and hear from the experts in this area.

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