InsTech London events and discussions showcase the best of insurance innovation, featuring interviews with leading companies and industry figures. Currently all digital, but we'll back with live evening events as soon as we can. New events released most weeks, hosted by one of the InsTech London partners, Matthew Grant or Robin Merttens.

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Nearly half of all natural catastrophe fatalities since 1980 have been caused by earthquakes or the tsunamis they have triggered according to Munich Re. With the support of Nasdaq, we've brought together specialist model developers from around the world to review what they are offering and get their views on key developments to look forward to in this field.

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Live Chat: Building Ecosystems for Commercial Insurance

Technology platforms are fast emerging as a way of bringing together the best sources of analytics, from well-recognised partners. Matthew Grant, Partner at InsTech London, will be hosting a discussion to review what Sapiens has learnt about what insurers are looking for, the criteria for selecting partners and how this fits into the business workflow.

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Climate Variability – Understanding Your Changes in Risk for 2021

Matthew Grant, InsTech London Partner, will be leading a discussion with Reask and four industry leaders to explore what is emerging from the latest scientific research, what is available to insurers today, how this is being used by companies and how the regulatory outlook is likely to evolve.

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