InsTech London events and discussions showcase the best of insurance innovation, featuring interviews with leading companies and industry figures. Currently all digital, but we'll back with live evening events as soon as we can. New events released most weeks, hosted by one of the InsTech London partners, Matthew Grant or Robin Merttens.

Online event

Matthew Grant, InsTech London Partner, will be leading a discussion with reask and five industry leaders to explore what is emerging from the latest scientific research, what is available to insurers today, how this is being used by companies and how the regulatory outlook is likely to evolve.

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No-Code & Low-Code Platforms: A Bridge from Legacy to Digital?

To coincide with the publication of an InsTech London report of the same name we will be hosting a panel discussion to look at how no-code/low-code platforms are being deployed in insurance and what their adoption might mean for the insurance industry.

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Insurance Ecosystems - From Buzzword to Reality

Insurance discourse is awash with articles advancing ecosystems and the vital role they will play in the provision of insurance in the digital future. Ecosystems are an increasingly common feature of retail insurance, but what about the world of specialty? Join us for this Live Chat to learn what it takes to build a successful ecosystem for specialty markets.

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