Forthcoming Events

2 May – Neuroscience of Insurance Innovation 

By partnering with our Gold Sponsor, MS Amlin, we are jointly able to put on an occasion which combines one of the UK leading experts on organisational behavior Dan Cable, Prof. of Organisational Psychology at London Business school, an iconic venue in the city and an unrivaled opportunity to meet with the founders, leaders and influencers in the London InsurTech scene. We are especially delighted that Simon Beale, MS Amlin CEO, will share his own views on the importance of innovation in (re)insurance.

The event is made possible by the support of our Gold Sponsor

24 July – Life and Health Show and Tell

The most popular and talked about InsTech London event of the year is always our “Show and Tell”.  This year, we will focus on Life and Health insurance and are again very grateful for the support of RGAx and CookHouse Labs who have kindly agreed to be the event sponsors.

The format of the event is akin to “speed dating”. There will be 20 exhibitors at 20 tables and at regular intervals to the sound of the bell they will give a 5 minute demo of their product or service in action.

The event is made possible by the support of our generous sponsors