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E-Trading and the Future of Complex Insurance - Does London Hold the Key?

Online event

There is a renewed interest in e-trading platforms for reinsurance and complex risks spawned by a combination of COVID acting as an accelerant, Lloyd’s Blueprint Two, the insurance markets' own dynamics and the needs of increasingly demanding customers. Looking at the future of e-trading platforms, we will discuss:

- Whether e-trading of complex insurance will catch on this time
- Who is doing what in the platform space and lessons learned so far
- What the attributes of a successful platform are
- The role that both Lloyd’s and the mega brokers will play in determining the outcome.

The event will coincide with the publication of a comprehensive InsTech London report on e-trading of reinsurance and complex risks by InsTech London partner, Robin Merttens, who has been involved in digitising insurance since 2000. He will also be hosting this event and knowing him, as we do, he will not need much encouragement to provide his customarily unfiltered perspective. 

The speakers include: 

  • Richard Phipps, Vice President, Property & Specialty Underwriting, Swiss Re
  • Sasa Brcerevic, Managing Director, Carrier Solutions Group, Aon
  • Ian Meadows, Associate Partner, EY

Join us on January 28th at 12 pm to learn why e-trading is more than just digital replication of the past.

The learning objectives for this Live Chat are:

  • Learn about the re-emerging trend of e-trading platforms in the complex insurance space
  • Understand the barriers to effective adoption of e-trading platforms and how they can be overcome
  • Review examples of new e-trading platforms and the attributes enabling their successful adoption 

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