InsTech London Summer Party 2019

Monday, July 29, 2019

Ain't no party like an InsTech party" they told us. We were delighted to welcome over 250 of our members and friends to the Golden Bee in Shoreditch for the 3rd InsTech London summer party. Not the biggest insurance innovation event in the world, but probably the biggest concentration of the people actually getting stuff done - and having fun doing it. No podcast from this one...

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Thank you InsTech for the hospitality last night, it was an amazing event. It was wonderful to get the opportunity to hear more about the great things that are happening in the Insurtech space, and to meet the people behind it.
Heidi Davies
Client Success Manager / Digital Fineprint
It has been incredible to see how the community has grown and evolved over the last two years, but perhaps more importantly, watching new relationships between old-and-new blood (companies and individuals) form.
David Taylor
GROW: in London