InsTech London and InsureTech Connect UK Pitching Event

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InsureTech Connect (ITC) is well known for its annual Las Vegas conference that last year attracted over 6,000 people. This year ITC is running a virtual global tour, known as the ITC World Tour, from 1-18 September.

This will consist of 30 or more digital events hosted in different locations across APAC, EMEA and the Americas. The three weeks of events will lead up to ITC Global, with 24 hours of content in all timezones.

InsTech London will be leading the UK digital event on 3 September. We will be using this event to showcase five start-ups that are amongst the best representations of UK innovation, with solutions that are, or could be, applicable globally. Registration for the event will be managed by ITC and we expect significant interest from around the world. 

We are taking submissions from companies that would like to be considered to be one of the five companies pitching at this event. Applications close on 21 August.

Event Format

As a participant in our event, you will have the chance to present your company for circa 5-6 minutes including questions over Zoom on 3 September. The event will run for 60–90 minutes, chaired by Matthew Grant and start with a discussion with the sponsor for the event.

There will be live polling for the audience and the start-up with the greatest number of votes will go through to the final ITC Global event on 21–23 September.


  • Predict and prevent
  • Ecosystems and platforms
  • Health
  • New sources of data
  • Emerging risks

Startup Definition

To qualify for the presentation companies are considered a start-up if they fulfil all of the following:

  • Less than five years since founding
  • Investment of less than $30m
  • Fewer than 100 employees

How to apply

  1. Complete this online form if you have not already done so
  2. email answering the following questions:
  • Which category or categories you would like to be considered for (see above)
  • Existing clients or clients you are able to discuss
  • Why you should be selected as one of the best examples of UK companies to show to the world.

Please limit your response to 300 words maximum and note the definition of “start-up” for this event.