InsTech London receives CII accreditation

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We are delighted to announce that InsTech London has received accreditation from The Chartered Insurance Institute (CII).

This means that you can now earn Continuing Professional Development (CPD) hours by attending our events or listening to our podcasts.

Each event and podcast will now be accompanied by Learning Objectives that will help you assess whether the learning intervention supports your professional development needs.

How to claim your CPD hours 

If you are interested in earning CPD hours from InsTech London events and podcasts, you can register by completing our CPD form. Alternatively, you can email to register your interest. 

Once you have registered, you will receive a quarterly summary of the CPD hours you have earned. 


For attending an InsTech London event, you can claim up to 1.5 CPD hours towards the CII member CPD scheme. 

Information on all our upcoming events, including how to register to attend, is available in on our Events page


For listening to an InsTech London podcast, or reading the accompanying transcript, you can claim up to 0.5 CPD hours towards the CII member CPD scheme. 

Where the content that qualifies as CPD falls below half an hour, we will direct you to other learning material, such as an article or website, that you can use to consolidate and reflect on the podcast content. 

You will need to complete the InsTech London Podcast Feedback Survey for each podcast that you wish to claim CPD time for. A link to the survey will also be available at the bottom of each podcast episode page.