Insurtech Led Change in London. A Guide for Managing Agents

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InsTech London worked with Oxbow Partners, sponsored by the Lloyd’s Market Association, to produce a report outlining how InsurTech is impacting the corporate & speciality market, and why both insurance and non-insurance drivers (e.g. 3D printing) are likely to accelerate change. It describes five big InsurTech-led trends that affect insurers and outline how management teams should respond.  15 InsurTechs companies are profiled which the contributors felt are likely to have an impact in this space.

One important point that we make in the report is that  InsurTech is not considered as distinct from other trends in the industry and prefer to see it as one of several facilitators of technology-led change. InsurTech is a tool that helps insurers and brokers enhance and execute their strategies.

Download the report “InsurTech-led change in the Lloyd’s Market – A Primer and Strategic Guiderails for Managing Agentshere