Milan Sud sharing his Experience of the InsTech London Event

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Milan Sud, Head Of Innovation at AXA Partners UK and Ireland

Last week I had the pleasure of speaking at the instech London event, having had some time to reflect, it’s one of the best events I’ve been to and here is why:

1) Environment - it wasn’t held in a boring old exhibition centre or random meeting rooms but in a nightclub with a bar! This really helps when setting the tone for an evening. Whether unconsciously or not I found myself and other participants far more relaxed in conversation.

2) No awful sales pitches - an instech event isn’t where we are going to decide on our next cloud provider or find a solution to overhaul our whole claims process. We were not bombarded with endless pitches and the focus was far more geared towards collaboration.

3) No Mic hogging! - each participant had 5 minutes to talk, people focussed really on what was most important and I didn’t feel like scrambling out from the back half way through a pitch! Refreshing and kept the night flowing

4) Facing reality - I attend many events around innovation where the focus is on promoting how amazing all these innovations are and often ignores reality. The focus of the evening was geared towards reality / the difficulty of innovation and how to overcome - practical!

Robin Merttens thanks for a fantastic evening at InsTech London


The article was originally posted on LinkedIn