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We are delighted to see the continued interest in InsTech London from companies wishing to benefit by being involved in our expanding business network.  Today our activities are supported by over 70 companies from insurance, technology and professional services who are part of our Corporate Membership programme. Our Corporate Members get value from the Instech London events, marketing and our community in three ways:

  1. Opportunity to meet potential clients, partners, recruits or sources of financial support (capacity and investments) through our events and networks.
  2. Communication about our members' key news items, events or other noteworthy items via our various media outreach and the opportunity to promote their own innovation activities and credentials.
  3. Scouting for opportunities and Introductions to people and companies of interest.

Our specific offerings to members include the following:

  • Attendance at our monthly events by up to 10 people (from your company or your guests) – subject to timely booking and availability.
  • Ability to share your news items, along with Instech London partners comments and link to your content, in our weekly newsletter (over 3,000 subscribers, 34% average open rate).
  • Opportunity to speak at one of our events, subject to suitability of topic.
  • Chance to appear as a guest in our InsTech London podcast (interview or event recording), now with over 1,000 downloads a month. 
  • Informal introductions to companies and people (subject to “fair use”).
  • Logo on Instech London website


​​​​​​Costs for 2019 are £5,000 + VAT for 12 months.

Contact us at for more information. 

Click here for a list of current members