Cyber Security & Insurance – The Challenges & Opportunities

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The potential opportunities for creating businesses to support the analytics and underwriting of Cyber Insurance was one of the emerging themes of 2018 with more new companies emerging. We were pleased to have Illumio as a sponsor for this event which brought together new startups such as Describe data, underwriters from Liberty, modellers from CyberCube and Kover, academics from Cambridge university and long established organisations such as NTT. We will be doing another event mid 2019, in the meantime this article from Matthew Grant provides some guidance for those looking at getting more involved in this area.

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Cyber risk: insurance black hole or a massive opportunity? cover image

Cyber risk: insurance black hole or a massive opportunity?

You own a house. It burns down. Your insurer only pays out 15% of the loss.
That’s a serious case of under insurance. You’d wonder why you bothered with insurance in the first place. In reality,...

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