Data is the New Oil: Fracking Unstructured Content

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There is a reservoir of unstructured data trapped in every organisation just waiting to be extracted and refined to provide valuable business insights.

Successful prospectors are those who know what to look for buried deep in text-based content and media, acquiring the right tools to drill into previously inaccessible information, bring to the surface and refine into a powerful new data source.

This event looks at the technology and services now available to insurers to do this, including proven use cases around risk analysis, fraud detection and customer insights. See the technologies in action, including the very latest techniques for analysing photos and images. 

Hosted by Robin Merttens, Partner at InsTech London, the panel of speakers includes: 

  • Adrian Webb, Strategic Advisor, 360Globalnet
  • David Taylor, Head of Fraud, Mulsanne Insurance Company
  • Henriette Fleischmann, Co-founder, Hosta Labs

For CPD purposes, the Learning Objectives are:

  • Explore current and future trends around the use of data in insurance
  • Learn how new technology can make use of unstructured data to revolutionise the way insurance companies get better insights from a broader range of data sources
  • Hear about real-life applications of these new data services in insurance and the insights they can provide.

Watch the event in full using the video player below. 

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