Andy Thomas & Melanie Hayes, Co-Founders, Kynd, Making Cyber Simple

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With all the attention on COVID-19 just now we might forget one of the other emerging risks of the last few years - cyber. But of course it's still very much a threat and, in some areas, growing. Most large companies will have their own CISO (Chief Information Security Officer) but for smaller or medium sized companies it's harder to be able to assess their exposure, understand how to reduce the risk and know what insurance options are available.

Kynd was only founded two years ago by Andy Thomas (CEO) and Melanie Hayes (Chief Marketing Officer) but is already establishing its as one of the companies that SMEs can turn to, and brokers use, to assess and mitigate cyberrisk.

In this episode Matthew Grant talks to Andy and Melanie to find out the cyber risk facing companies, how to manage it, what Kynd is offering and how it works. 

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Areas covered include:

  • A quick and free test for companies to assess their areas of potential exposure
  • Statistics from the Kynd study of 200 of the UK AIM listed companies that reveals what their own cyber vulnerabilities are
  • The Kynd "broker buddy" system to help brokers help their clients
  • How and why the company has been able to scale up, and find clients so quickly

And of course a whole lot more.

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