Andy Wiggans: VP at BrightTALK: Live Connections in a Digital World

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Live events can still exist even if we can't all hang out together in the same place. In this episode, Matthew Grant is talking to Andy Wiggans of the digital video platform BrightTALK about best practices for sharing content and engaging with your customers.

Not surprisingly BrightTALK has seen a massive increase in usage for its platform over the last few weeks as its client base of over 1,500 companies relies on it to talk directly to their clients and prospects. 

At InsTech London we are now running weekly events on BrighTALK, talking to more of the leaders in technology, innovation and insurance. We have been able to keep up the spirit of our live events, and are quickly building up a growing audience to complement our weekly podcasts. You can see more of what we are doing on the BrightTALK InsTech London channel

Thanks to Vlocity for sponsoring our BrightTALK channel