Matthew Grant & Robin Merttens - the InsTech London partners chat with Insurance Insider's Catrin Shi

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Another slight shift for this week's episode. The tables were turned and Robin Merttens and Matthew Grant were interviewed as one of the keynotes for the recent Insurance Insider event "InsiderTech".

Catrin asked such great questions, and we haven't recorded a partners' chat for a while, so we polished it up and here it is.

We managed to fit all of these into 30 minutes:

  • What does Insurtech actually mean these days?
  • How is funding getting in for insurtechs, start-ups and others?
  • Acceleration in activity over the last few months?
  • Are we seeing a once in a decade opportunity now?
  • What's happening in innovation at insurers themselves?
  • Data - good or bad?
  • Advice for innovation mangers at insurers?

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