Ollie Forsyth: Community Manager, Draper Esprit: Venture Capital - reinvented

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In the week that Lemonade had its IPO, Matthew Grant has been speaking to another VC firm about what it’s looking for in its portfolio companies.

Matthew spoke to Ollie Forsyth who has crammed a lot into only a few years. One of his current roles is community manager at Draper Esprit. Ollie comments on the current technology scene from the view of a millennial, and has advice for aspiring entrepreneurs and those wishing to benefit from what Draper Esprit offer.

Ollie brings a different perspective to innovation from our usual guests. As well as a day job identifying late-stage technology companies, he has also run his own businesses and has hosted the popular "The Makers Podcast" for two years.

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Talking points from Episode 92 include: 

  • Making your own way in the world
  • How to get noticed as an entrepreneur
  • Why now is a great time to hire talent
  • What Gen Z customers are looking for from insurance
  • The changing world of work post-pandemic

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