The weekly InsTech London Podcast hosted by Matthew Grant. Join us as we discover what some of the most fascinating people in, and beyond, insurance are doing, the trends they are seeing, and what motivates them.

Karina Buch: Chief Commercial Officer, Insurance Business Applications: Digital insurance platforms - getting ahead and staying ahead

17 Sep 2021

Insurance Business Applications (IBA) has established itself as a genuine insurance innovator over the past decade, embracing new technologies to offer a full cycle property and casualty insurance... read more

Piyush Singh: Founder, Terrene Labs - a FRISS company: Calling all underwriters - focus on the core, not the chore

10 Sep 2021

For underwriters, time spent searching for information is time lost to underwriting.
Terrene Labs, acquired by FRISS in April 2021, aggregates third-party data sources to help underwriters focus on... read more

Niall Barton: Co-founder & Executive Chairman, Wrisk: A marathon not a sprint - surviving and thriving as an insurtech

03 Sep 2021

For insurtechs to flourish, companies need to match their innovative technology solutions with market opportunities and an understanding of how the industry works. 
Some of the best innovation in... read more

Todd Rissel: Chairman & CEO, e2Value: Product launch 2.0 - smart tech, simple solutions

27 Aug 2021

When you think of insurance innovation there is a whole host of exciting start-ups and scale-ups that spring to mind, but this week’s podcast guest has been consistently innovating for the past two... read more

Andrew Passfield: CEO, ICE InsureTech: Insurance software for innovation - flexibility as a service

20 Aug 2021

Whether you are an established company or a new kid on the block, you need to be smart and flexible to make the most of new opportunities and stay ahead of the game.
ICE InsureTech is one of the... read more

Jerad Leigh: Co-founder & CEO, Supercede: The founder's journey: surviving and thriving as a start-up

13 Aug 2021

There has been no shortage of founders looking to transform insurance over the last five years, but turning innovative insurtech ideas into successful businesses is an incredibly tough challenge.... read more

Complex claims innovation

06 Aug 2021

Claims is a vital component in the insurance value chain, but despite its importance it doesn’t always get the innovation attention and headlines that it deserves.
On this week’s podcast, Matthew is... read more

Partners' Chat - Summer Special: Robin Merttens and Matthew Grant

30 Jul 2021

Recorded after the InsTech London Summer Party, our first public event since Covid-19 restrictions were lifted, Matthew and Robin catch up for their quarterly partners’ chat. 
The conversation covers... read more

Mick Noland: Executive, General Manager, Insurance Solutions at CoreLogic: The digital hub for property data

23 Jul 2021

Founded in 2010, CoreLogic has established itself as a leading provider of location and property intelligence, with more than 500 insurers and reinsurers now using its products.
Mick Noland, General... read more

William Hawkins: Director of Research - Europe, KBW: How insurers think: the equity analyst’s view

16 Jul 2021

While insurtech, start-up funding and data and technology developments are important to all of us, we also need to understand how the major insurers make money, what their needs are from technology... read more

Gethin Jones, Skyline Partners & Calum Williams, AEGIS London: The parametric platform delivering new insurance solutions

11 Jul 2021

Skyline Partners and AEGIS London have launched a new active assailant parametric product to provide US small and medium business owners with cover in the event of a shooting.
INSDEX Active Response ... read more

Hemant Shah: Co-founder & CEO, Archipelago: Moving upstream - digitising and standardising customer data at source

02 Jul 2021

Archipelago is aiming to improve the data shared between insurers and their corporate clients related to property risks.
Archipelago is going directly to the original data sources - upstream from... read more

Robin Merttens & Simon Torrance: Insurance - to Embed, or not to Embed

25 Jun 2021

The attraction and vast potential for ‘embedding’ insurance products has made it one of the hottest topics of 2021. 
Robin Merttens chats to Simon Torrance on Podcast 144 about the opportunities... read more

Marine Utgé-Royo: Chief Strategy Officer, Tesselo: Geospatial intelligence for forestry risk

18 Jun 2021

Tesselo is one of the companies looking to help its clients manage the impact of climate change, using satellite data and remote sensing to monitor tree and crop health and support forest owners and... read more

Building a successful technology enabled MGA

11 Jun 2021

The Managing General Agent (MGA) business model, by which companies can underwrite risks without retaining capital, has proved popular among insurtechs looking to use new technology to improve... read more

Elizabeth Marston: Co-founder, Sotera Heritage: Old meets new - using the latest technology to insure antiquities

04 Jun 2021

Robin steps back in as host this week to find out more about Sotera Heritage from co-founder Elizabeth Marston. 
Sotera is using AI and machine learning to create irrevocable digital identities for... read more

Richard Garry: Chief Commercial Officer, Gamma Location Intelligence: Build vs buy - getting the best location intelligence information

28 May 2021

Gamma Location Intelligence helps insurers to understand property-based risks by providing accurate location data to support underwriting decisions.
The company combines its own data sets with... read more

Henri Winand: Co-founder and CEO, AkinovA: The e-placing platform driving new insurance solutions

21 May 2021

The accelerated shift to digital over the past twelve months has raised the profile and importance of pricing platforms in insurance.
AkinovA is one of the companies finding success in the space,... read more

Evan Glassman: Co-founder, New Paradigm Underwriters: Parametric insurance - delivering US hurricane & quake cover since 2013

14 May 2021

Insurance policies may leave businesses exposed to uninsured economic loss in the event of a hurricane or earthquake, because of excess, deductibles and exclusions.
New Paradigm Underwriters offers... read more

Dr Anushka Patchava: Deputy Chief Medical Officer, Vitality: Where clinical meets digital - insights from health insurance

07 May 2021

Covid-19 caused an overnight demand for digital primary healthcare services accelerating major improvements in how we all access and interact with providers.
Dr Anushka Patchava, Deputy Chief Medical... read more