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Richard Garry: Chief Commercial Officer, Gamma Location Intelligence: Build vs buy - getting the best location intelligence information

28 May 2021

Gamma Location Intelligence helps insurers to understand property-based risks by providing accurate location data to support underwriting decisions.
The company combines its own data sets with... read more

Henri Winand: Co-founder and CEO, AkinovA: The e-placing platform driving new insurance solutions

21 May 2021

The accelerated shift to digital over the past twelve months has raised the profile and importance of pricing platforms in insurance.
AkinovA is one of the companies finding success in the space,... read more

Evan Glassman: Co-founder, New Paradigm Underwriters: Parametric insurance - delivering US hurricane & quake cover since 2013

14 May 2021

Insurance policies may leave businesses exposed to uninsured economic loss in the event of a hurricane or earthquake, because of excess, deductibles and exclusions.
New Paradigm Underwriters offers... read more

Dr Anushka Patchava: Deputy Chief Medical Officer, Vitality: Where clinical meets digital - insights from health insurance

07 May 2021

Covid-19 caused an overnight demand for digital primary healthcare services accelerating major improvements in how we all access and interact with providers.
Dr Anushka Patchava, Deputy Chief Medical... read more

Jane Toothill & Matt Reid: JBA Risk Management: US flood - lessons learnt from the UK

30 Apr 2021

Flood is the most pervasive hazard in the United States, but despite the huge scale of the risk there are major challenges around the provision of adequate flood cover based on accurate, real-time... read more

Bob Frady & John Siegman: CEO & CCA, HazardHub: The data you need at a price you can afford

24 Apr 2021

Good data helps insurers to price and manage risks more effectively, but only if the right information is available, affordable and easy to integrate into underwriting processes.
HazardHub are... read more

Adrien Cohen: Co-founder & President, Tractable: Damage assessment with AI - fast, scalable, global

16 Apr 2021

Artificial intelligence has opened up a wealth of opportunities for both insurers and insurtechs, but turning AI’s vast potential into scalable, successful technology solutions is a major challenge.... read more

Andy Thompson: Co-founder & CEO, Safehub: Sensors and sensitivity - Real time property earthquake risk assessment

09 Apr 2021

By installing low-cost, easy to use sensors, Safehub is creating unique insights on how a building would react in the event of an earthquake.
The technology continuously monitors a building’s natural... read more

Location Intelligence 2021: Nigel Walsh enquires, Matthew Grant reveals

03 Apr 2021

Nigel Walsh from Google Cloud steps in as a guest host on Podcast 132 to talk to Matthew about our new report, Location Intelligence 2021 - the Companies to Watch: Where, what and how risky?
The... read more

Partners' Chat - Easter Special: Robin Merttens and Matthew Grant

26 Mar 2021

Robin and Matthew catch up for their quarterly Partners’ Chat on Episode 131 to discuss the latest news and themes emerging in insurance.
Talking points include:

Whether Covid-19 has actually... read more

Dr Andrew Smith & Dr Oliver Wing: COO & CRO, Fathom: Understanding flood - from research to risk assessment

19 Mar 2021

Changes to the US government’s National Flood Insurance Programme have created opportunities for insurers to offer alternative solutions for protection against flood risk.
Fathom is one of the... read more

Cole Winans: Founder & CEO, Flyreel: Know your risk; the self-service property inspection tool helping insurers & their clients

12 Mar 2021

The most useful insurance products are often a combination of a simple concept powered by complex technology. 
Flyreel’s AI Assistant is a great example, harnessing the potential of AI in a practical... read more

Charles Blanchet: VP of Solutions, ICEYE: Your satellite will be with you shortly: Rapid flood loss assessment

05 Mar 2021

Using its own constellation of microsatellites, ICEYE is providing insurers with high-resolution, building-level flood depths around the world immediately after an event.
VP of Solutions Charles... read more

Thomas Loridan & Nick Hassam: CEO & CCO, reask: Short term climate variability - forecasting with confidence

26 Feb 2021

The ability to accurately forecast annual changes in the likelihood of damaging hurricanes, cyclones and typhoons occurring has been a challenge in the past.  Now, with advances in technology,... read more

Ed Leon Klinger: CEO, Flock: The insurer of the future has arrived

19 Feb 2021

Since its inception in 2015, Flock has grown from a promising insurtech to setting its sights on becoming a truly global insurance provider. 
The company’s micro-duration policies have made it a... read more

Arjun Ramdas: CEO, Charles Taylor InsureTech: Platforms, data collaboration and market efficiency

12 Feb 2021

A lack of standardisation and the ability to transfer data through the entirety of the insurance lifecycle remains a major challenge for the industry.
Charles Taylor InsureTech CEO Arjun Ramdas joins... read more

Top tips for fundraising: The founders' stories

05 Feb 2021

Money is the rocket fuel for business growth, but raising funds is a major challenge for almost every company looking to scale.
So how do you do it? Matthew asks three founders who secured early... read more

Ben Hubbard: CEO & Co-founder, Parsyl: Cold chains, Covid & parametric insurance

29 Jan 2021

Since forming part of the first Lloyd’s Lab cohort in 2018, Parsyl has established itself as an innovative technology company, global cargo insurer and more recently, a vital part of the fight... read more

Robin Merttens & Mark Geoghegan: E-Trading Platforms: Challenges, Opportunities and Imperative

26 Jan 2021

Robin Merttens talks to guest host Mark Geoghegan ahead of the release of our new report on e-trading of reinsurance and complex risks. 
E-Trading Platforms: Challenges, Opportunities and Imperative... read more

Mark Patterson, Deloitte & Mark Eastham, Avantia: What 8,000 people want from their insurer

22 Jan 2021

On Podcast 121, Matthew Grant talks to Mark Patterson from Deloitte about its survey, The Future of Home and Motor Insurance.
The survey is the result of interviews with 8,000 consumers across 12... read more