The weekly InsTech London Podcast hosted by Matthew Grant. Join us as we discover what some of the most fascinating people in, and beyond, insurance are doing, the trends they are seeing, and what motivates them.

Pascal Millaire: CEO, CyberCube: Powering profitable cyber insurance growth

15 Jan 2021

The increasing threat from cyber attacks has presented the insurance industry with its biggest opportunity in over a century, according to Pascal Millaire.
The CyberCube CEO joins host Matthew Grant... read more

Parul Kaul-Green: Chief of Staff, AXA XL Asia and Europe: Reconnecting insurance with its purpose

09 Jan 2021

This week we're hearing from a well-known leader from one of the largest global speciality insurers, AXA XL and someone who always provides a refreshing perspective on what is happening around us. ... read more

The Friends' Forecasts 2021 - 20 People’s Predictions

02 Jan 2021

After the rollercoaster of 2020 it’s a brave soul that’s willing to commit to what 2021 will look like. But running a global network of talented and successful people means that we have been able to... read more

Robin Merttens & Matthew Grant: Partners’ Chat Christmas Special

24 Dec 2020

A pause from interviewing our usual guests this week as Matthew Grant and Robin Merttens - the InsTech London partners - are back to reflect on the year that's passed and what's coming up.
Find out... read more

Rod Fox: CEO, TigerRisk Partners: Capital, culture and challenging the status quo

17 Dec 2020

Rod Fox co-founded TigerRisk Partners in 2008 after spotting a gap in the reinsurance market. Just over a decade later, the company has established itself in a leadership role and a reputation for... read more

Neta Rozy: Co-founder and CTO, Parametrix Insurance: Parametric downtime insurance

11 Dec 2020

Covid-19 has led to insurance companies ramping up the speed of their digital evolution, but relying on third-party services like a cloud provider creates new external risks that need insuring.  ... read more

Mark Varley: Founder and CEO, Addresscloud: Hitting the spot - getting location accuracy right

04 Dec 2020

To provide the right insurance for homes and workplaces, insurers have to be sure of the exact location of the assets.
But 500 years on from the creation of the UK’s Royal Mail, the challenge of... read more

Paul Prendergast: CEO and Co-founder, Blink Parametric: Parametric, payments and protection

27 Nov 2020

Blink Parametric’s new Hurricane Non-Damage Business Interruption solution, developed in the Lloyd’s Lab, is aiming to cut waiting times for payouts from months to days. 
It’s the latest product from... read more

Robin Roberson: Founder of WeGoLook & Managing Director of Claim Central Consolidated: A journey of people, platforms and perseverance

20 Nov 2020

Turning a start-up into a successful company requires the ability to clearly identify customer problems and spotting market opportunities for growth. 
A conversation with a friend about eBay led... read more

Mark Cunningham: Co-founder, WhenFresh: The data supermarket and its master chefs

13 Nov 2020

A shortage of data isn’t a problem in insurance but identifying sources that are high-quality can mean a lot of shopping around.
WhenFresh is one company looking to speed up that process, through... read more

Paul Mang: Chief Innovation Officer, Guidewire: Insurance analytics for 21st century risk management

06 Nov 2020

Insurance might be “swimming in data” - but without actionable insights that data is just noise.
Matthew catches up with Paul Mang, Chief Innovation Officer at Guidewire to explore the latest... read more

Gianni Biason: Head Property & Specialty Solutions, Swiss Re: Insurance product innovation at scale

29 Oct 2020

Founded in 1863, Swiss Re is one of the world’s largest reinsurance companies and is well known for its innovative use of technology, data and willingness to address global issues like climate change... read more

Andres Webersinke: Global Chief Underwriting Officer, Life/Health at Gen Re: Reinventing customer care

23 Oct 2020

We're back talking directly to a senior executive from a major reinsurance company about their views on innovation and what they see as the industry’s major challenges.
Andres Webersinke, Global... read more

Clive Rich: Founder & Chairman, LawBite: Legal platforms and partnerships

16 Oct 2020

Insurance is about managing risk, but so is law - and both industries are discovering the changes and challenges from new sources of data, remote working and the power of platforms.
LawBite was... read more

Andre Symes: CGO, Genasys Technologies: Agile products and speed to market

09 Oct 2020

Staying relevant and able to embrace new technology is a big challenge for any established company.
Despite being 20 years old, Genasys Technologies continues to innovate and work on new solutions... read more

Jeroen Morrenhof: CEO and co-founder, FRISS: Underwriting and claims fraud revealed

04 Oct 2020

One of the most effective uses of data and analytics in insurance is to prevent fraud both at the point of underwriting and from claims.
Jeroen Morrenhof founded FRISS in 2006 and today the company... read more

Kate Stillwell: CEO and Founder, Jumpstart: Earthquake parametric insurance in practice

25 Sep 2020

Five years ago Kate Stillwell had a vision of how she could help people recover quickly after they had suffered the effects of an earthquake. Today she has set up a company, acquired clients and... read more

Marcus East: Technical Director, Office of the CTO at Google: Cloud, culture, collaboration and innovation

18 Sep 2020

Google’s products are playing an increasingly important role helping insurance companies innovate and grow. There are also lessons for everyone in how the company has developed a culture to keep its... read more

Stephen Brittain: Co-founder, Insurtech Gateway: Secrets of scale - incubation & investment

11 Sep 2020

There is no shortage of ideas, and opportunities, for starting up new companies in and around insurance, but scaling fast, with access to capital, capacity and connections is critical.
Stephen... read more

Scott Quiana: Head of Products, Marketing & Partnerships, Quantemplate: Turning data into insights

03 Sep 2020

Launched in 2013 Quantemplate was one of the early insurtech stories in London and the US, but after a few years things went quiet. Quantemplate had not gone away, but instead had been busily... read more