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Novidea is the global broker management platform designed specifically for brokers, MGA's and insurers. Built on Salesforce, Novidea provides a complete front- and back-office solution, for the entire distribution lifecycle. With an innovative data-driven approach to digitising the full customer journey, Novidea optimises every interaction using real-time analytics and customer intelligence to reveal new opportunities that increase customer value and overall business growth. Novidea is currently servicing more than 14M+ policies in 16 countries.

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MS Amlin deliver continuity for commercial enterprises and other insurers. Placing those we serve at the heart of everything we do is what makes us different, and in a complex and integrated world it matters more than ever. We are always looking for ways to improve our clients’ experience and make it easier to do business with us. It’s why we established Edge, a virtual internal innovation initiative. Think big. Start small. Move fast. It describes how we approach innovation, across three levels: tactical; radical and exploratory

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Ninety Consulting is an insurance-specialist innovation consultancy. They innovate for the global insurance sector and help it become better at innovation. Their 123 Framework® is a structured model for insurance proposition development, customer evaluation and market pilot launch to bring new ideas to market in 60 days. Ninety is a Social Enterprise, and 90% of the company’s distributable profits go to charity.

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